Michael Funk

Mike_FunkBA French Literature 1991
Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

Tiring of the rat race in the Atlantic City hotel industry (how did I ever end up there?), I moved to the Charlottesville area in January 1995 and sought a position in a woodshop. One shop offered an immediate entry level position in the manufacture of ornamental wooden cremation urns. Another shop allowed that I could possibly clean bathrooms, unload trucks and if anyone had time, I could watch and learn. I took the cremation urns. Not exactly a dashing entry into the world of fine woodworking, but we all have to start somewhere. As it turned out, it was a solid beginning to what I consider a continually ongoing education.

Today I live a mile from our shop in Charlottesville with my two adorable and rambunctious children Lydia and Sam, my adoring wife Lauren, and an ancient English Coon Hound named Peach who, being extremely gun-shy, retired himself at the tender age of 2, left the pack and moved in with us in July 1996. Ain’t life grand?

I can be reached at:


Phone: 434-293-9562

Mailing Address:
1304 E. Market St., Suite C
Charlottesville, VA 22902