Located in Charlottesville, VA., Mike and Dan Funk love building furniture for clients all over North America. Imagining a shape, bringing it into the world, and recognizing it as a table; this is exciting to us.

Drawing inspiration from numerous sources, including both early and modern styles of furniture, nature, and architecture, we strive to create elegant pieces which exceed the demand of their functions. A piece should interact smoothly with its owner while elevating the experience normally associated with such a function.

We combine modern methods and traditional joinery to build furniture which we hope accomplishes our design sentiments as it endures the test of time.

We enjoy experimenting with shapes and refining our techniques so that we can replicate processes involved in creating multiple pieces. When you have a general request for a piece of furniture, we usually start the design process with a little research and a drawing. Let us get started on something for you. Call Mike and Dan today!

Phone: 434-293-9562

Funk Brothers Furniture
1304 E. Market St.
Charlotteville, VA 22902